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⏏️190cm Volleyball, badminton, inline and other active sports. Adventure, adrenalin .. it is all fun. Not smoker. Lived abroad (CA,New Zealand). Hitchhiking - Australia. Bitten by monkey in Bali. For wine lovers: I can make wine appear😎 Dates: 1 go for coffee ☕️ (fun) 2 go to movies🍿(fun and excited) 3 go for a dinner🥩🍔🥙🍝🍮 (she is really interesting) 4 have a sex💗(intimate, serious) 5 go for vacation🚍🚄🛫🚀🚁🚤🚢🌋⛺️ (is she the one ? 🤔) 6 get married👩‍❤️‍👨(no way back)

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