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♥ DANCER/ MODEL/ COSPLAYER/ INFLUENCER ♥ Do you like anime/manga, cosplay, kpop, modeling, kbeauty , Michael Jackson or martial arts? Well that's the right girl and the right place for you ! :) This place is for those who appreciate my art and my work, loves me as a person, want to be closer to me as friend and want to support me ^^ // WHAT KIND OF CONTENT I WILL POST? // -Professional and home made modeling photos -Cosplay -Dances -MONTHLY OUTFIT event - Modeling photos: Bikini, sexy, lingerie, goth, alternative , cosplay, semi-nude,etc -Daily life :) // WHY YOU ARE SPECIAL? // - you'll see pictures which I won't post to the public. - Feel free to talk with me! * FREE EXTRA PHOTO GIFT for your first order ! I give discounts and gifts to subscribers and recurring buyers ♥ *FREE ZING *FREE DM Thanks for your support! ♥

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Pictures and Videos About Nami Ayashi
Pictures and Videos About @nami-ayashi
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Erotic Leaks Pictures and Videos About @nami-ayashi

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